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Founded by Cambodian local chef who has many experiences with food and cooking, in the meantime, we want to share this experience to you and offer the best cooking class in the village.

The cuisine is a fundamental part of every culture and of course, it could not be otherwise in Cambodia. In Khmer cuisine, ingredients such as prahok, lemongrass, palm sugar, galangal, tamarind and kaffir lime leaves stand out for a traditional Cambodian dish. Let learn about all the secrets of Cambodian gastronomy with Cambodia cooking class. Our local chef will teach you the most traditional recipes of the Asian country.

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Morning Cooking Class

Picked up from your hotel by our driver at 9:30 for morning class. From there, hop on a Tuk Tuk and we begin with a tour of the local market in Siem Reap. The chef will explain about the local products and the variety of food. You will have enough time to walk and take photos and see the vendors selling their products. Upon returning to Village cooking school, refreshing iced tea and cold towel await you. Our local chef will present a cooking demonstration of the dishes you have chosen. And you will receive a brochure with the day's recipes. The recipes are for one serving unless otherwise stated. After preparing your dishes, you can taste and enjoy your own culinary creation in pleasant Khmer surroundings the village.

Evening Cooking Class

Picked up by your driver at 16:00 for evening class. We'll take you into one of Siem Reap's colorful local markets, then head through rice paddies and temples to a village of Siem Reap. Touring around the local village and visit the local farm where you'll pick your vegetable for your cooking class today. Taste aromatic herbs and tasty sauces, learn traditional techniques and create a variety of Khmer specialties, then immerse yourself in your delicious homemade dinner. Best of all, they'll give you a recipe book to go so you can recreate all your favorite dishes at home. Assisted by our Chef, you will learn and experience traditional Khmer cuisine. At the end of the cooking course, receive a recipe book to further explore Khmer cuisine. The visit ends with the drop-off at your hotel.


The hand-on experience serving your dishes by local chef

Enjoy a relaxed, casual introduction to an easy home-style Khmer cuisine. Experience this hands-on fun cooking activity following in-depth cooking with local Cambodian chef

The selected menu
More great cooking await you
inside the village



Opitional Meals (fish, chicken, beats), seasonal vegetables cooked with Khmer special curry paste.


A traditional rich pork or fish and pumpkin stew, infused with green spices and enhanced with bitter gourd leaves and pounded brown rice.


Delicious young palm fruit cooked in coconut milk.



This traditional dish is made with goby fish fillets marinated in a lemongrass curry paste and steamed in a banana leaf basket.


Savoury green mango salad with local smoked-dried fish for a mouthwatering combination of flavours.


Coconut milk is filled with healthy fats, and pumpkin is an antioxidant-rich vegetable.

Our every cooking class has
its own unique story we want
to share with you

Cambodia's tradition
on your plate

Whenever you travel to Cambodia, a fundamental part of knowing its culture is enjoying its gastronomy. In Cambodia, thanks to its culinary wealth, we can see different types of influences, which vary from China, with the use of the famous noodles), the one from Southeast Asia with the use of rice as a base ingredient, spicy bases ( of its Hindu past) and the use of bread and pastries (due to its French colonial past).

Today, this gastronomic wealth makes it a pleasure to eat in Cambodia and that you can enjoy it in its street stalls or more local restaurants and participant in our village cooking class.
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